Instructor going over workshop materials

This workshop will provide faculty members with the tools to apply and embed SPM in their teaching and to work with simulators in the context of a teaching-learning setting. This experiential learning initiative will provide opportunities for enhancing student success through hands-on practice and furthers opportunities for curriculum development. The workshop has been developed to educate educators in the effective use of simulation methodology and pedagogy in order to enhance practices in the classroom through the integration of simulated persons in their curriculum delivery.

By the end of the workshop faculty members
who participate should be able to:

Discuss benefits and challenges of planning and implementing simulation in the classroom

Describe principles of experiential learning and when it is applicable in higher education

Identify potential resources and supports for planning and implementing simulation in the classroom

Outline key elements of simulation methodology, pedagogy and scenario design

Understand how to use and apply the SPM effectively

Outline the considerations for embedding a simulated scenario within the overall educational context