This connects strongly to my course as my work not only helps myself but others rely on me as well. Staying committed and authentic is necessary in continuing learning and experience to better ones' education.

The interactivity and different activities are useful and great practice for facilitating workshops.

It's a lot of fun to work and learn with faculty and students from different courses and schools.

It was very interactive and practical/relevant; the content will be very useful if interested in integrating simulation in your classroom.

You need to go through the processto appreciate the possibilities.

It was a great experience with a number of components: a) learning to write roles for simulation gives insight into how much information is required to make it a seamless (or close to) experience, b) build on giving feedback and building relationships with students/learners.

Loved it. Extremely useful when developing the scenarios as various perspectives can be considered.

I believe that collaboration and communication are essential to making this workshop work.

I enjoyed the interactive activities in the workshops and I think these were the most valuable for me.

The flow was excellent. Having the ability to practice as learners, facilitators was beneficial.

Amazing! It lead right into my questions.

Great structure of advancing info through course.